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Organize Your Time, DIGITAL Space, & Information In 90 Days OR LESS

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Leave a Legacy that Matters!

Are you overwhelmed by a constant influx of emails, struggling to find files in the maze of your computer and cloud storage, or feeling like your digital world is in disarray? Imagine, just for a moment...

💡 Starting your day with a clear, organized inbox and a precise action plan...
💡 Navigating through your digital files with ease, knowing exactly where everything is stored...
💡 Mastering time management tools that sync seamlessly with your lifestyle, enhancing productivity and focus...
💡 Streamlining contact management to keep your network strong and responsive...
💡 Developing habits and routines that ensure long-term success in your digital life...

All this, transforming your digital chaos into a well-oiled machine that propels you forward, allowing you to make a greater impact in your work and create a lasting legacy.

Tame Your Digital Tiger!

The key to achieving your goals lies not just in the physical space around you, but also in the virtual realm where digital clutter can be as hindering as physical mess.

The Digital Transformation Bootcamp is an integral part of creating your all-encompassing Productive Environment™, a space where digital order complements physical organization.

Our mission is to extend the principles of Taming Your Paper Tiger™ and creating a Productive Environment™ beyond your physical workspace into your digital world.

By mastering the organization of emails, files, and online tools, you establish a Digital Command Center that seamlessly integrates with your overall life and work strategy.

This holistic approach ensures that every aspect of your environment – both physical and digital – is aligned to Save You Space, Time, Energy, and Money (SYSTEM), thus empowering you to accomplish your work and enjoy your life!

🌟 Why Professionals Are Raving About The Digital Transformation™ Bootcamp:

Advanced Email Processing Techniques: Move beyond merely checking emails to mastering the art of processing them. Learn strategies for quick decision-making, effective categorization, and follow-up actions that turn your inbox into a powerful tool for efficiency and productivity.

Efficient Task & Project Management: Discover breakthrough methods to efficiently handle your digital tasks and projects, ensuring everything is tracked and completed.

Digital Clutter Elimination: Learn to streamline and organize your digital space, transforming it into a zone of peak productivity and innovation.

Mastering Digital Information Flow: Gain insights on how to effectively sift through digital information, focus on what’s crucial, and leverage cutting-edge tools to keep your digital environment organized and conducive to business growth.

By the end of the Bootcamp, you'll emerge with:

A Simplified Email Strategy: Master the skills to efficiently process, organize, and respond to emails, transforming your inbox into a tool of productivity, rather than a source of stress.

Optimized Computer and Cloud Storage: Gain proficiency in organizing and managing digital files across your devices and cloud services, ensuring quick access and effective data management.

Enhanced Time Management Abilities: Develop robust time management techniques that align with your personal and professional goals, enabling you to maximize productivity and balance your work-life schedule.

Streamlined Contact Management: Learn to effectively organize and maintain your contacts, ensuring smoother communication and networking opportunities, essential for growing your professional relationships.

Sustainable Systems and Routines: Establish and implement practical systems and routines that maintain long-term organization and productivity, ensuring your digital and physical spaces continue to support your success.

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What's Included in the

Digital Transformation Bootcamp?

  • Five Live Training Sessions Providing Step-by-Step Instructions for Managing Email, Computer & Cloud Drives, Time & Planning, Contacts & Connecting as well as Creating Habits & Routines for Ongoing Success $2497 value

  • Five Live Q&A + Co-Working (implementation!) Sessions $997 value

  • Access to a Private Group for Questions & Support plus Recordings of the Live Training Sessions, available for at least 30 days following the end of the 5-Week Bootcamp $388 value

Total Value $3,882

Bundled Price $997


One-Time Payment

or $547 x 2

2-Month Payment Plan


5-Week Bootcamp Schedule



Tue Mar 12 | 11a Pacific/1p Central/2p Eastern


Fri Mar 15 | 9a Pacific/11a Central/12p Eastern

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Tue Mar 19 | 11a Pacific/1p Central/2p Eastern


Fri Mar 22 | 9a Pacific/11a Central/12p Eastern

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Tue Mar 26 | 11a Pacific/1p Central/2p Eastern


Fri Mar 29 | 9a Pacific/11a Central/12p Eastern

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Tue Apr 2 | 11a Pacific/1p Central/2p Eastern


Fri Apr 5 | 9a Pacific/11a Central/12p Eastern

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Tue Apr 9 | 11a Pacific/1p Central/2p Eastern


Fri Apr 12 | 9a Pacific/11a Central/12p Eastern

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Remember, it’s not just about decluttering your desk or calendar. It’s about creating a lasting legacy through the work you do every day.

Are you in? 🌠

Testimonials About Our

Office Transformation Bootcamp

"The path is clear!"

"I cannot tell you what a relief it is to have had the kind of hands-on support I got with PEI, the tools to organize my files and to get rid of my piles; and although I'm still decluttering paper and organizing my files, the path is clear."

-Marlene, Social Worker/Therapist

"So helpful and non-judgmental."

"I am grateful for this journey and grateful for the people along the way! So helpful and non-judgmental. I have to believe things are exactly the way they are supposed to be. This excavating event is bringing on monumental feelings of excitement!"

-Kimberly, Business Owner

"The results have been a game-changer!"

"The results have been a game-changer for Mike and me! After years of "managing" paper piles around the house, I learned a different organizational system that's very simple. It's so wonderful NOT to have paper piles anymore and, instead, a new system where everything is easy to find, personal or business related."

-Dina, Business Owner

"This whole system flows together. It was simple!"

"This whole system flows together. It was simple, even though you have all this paperwork and it's overwhelming. The system itself is, it just flows so well and each step builds on the other one. And like the Magic 6™, that just that's one small piece of it, but it was huge for me because I didn't have anything like that in place before. So I think that's really important to have. I have a lot of different courses and all kinds of stuff too. I have notes and things everywhere and it's really overwhelming to me. So just having this system now in place is wonderful because now I can actually get down to knowing where everything is. And it's so simple. So, for me, it's a very exciting journey to be on and I'm looking forward to what the future's gonna hold with it because I can see if this is just the beginning, how far I've already come with just being organized, just this little piece of it. I really enjoy it."

-Tanya, Business Owner

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