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Home Office for Business & Life™

Create a Home Office for Business & Life™ in 4 Weeks

so You Can Stay on Top of Important Tasks & Find Anything You File in Seconds


Your ability to accomplish any task or goal is directly related to your ability to find what you need, when you need it. The purpose of the Home Office for Business & Life™ 4 Week Bootcamp is to get you started in creating your Command Center –a Productive Environment™ in your home that enables you to accomplish your work & enjoy your life.

During our work together, we will help you declutter your existing space and establish a SYSTEM that Saves You Space, Time, Energy & Money!

What's Included in the Program?

Four Weeks of Live Training Sessions delivered multiple times to help accommodate availability & time zones

Access to Recordings of the Live Training Sessions, available through the end of the 4 Week Bootcamp

Swiftfile Solution™ for Dated Action Files

Pre-printed File Labels for Action & Reference Files

Less Clutter More Life (book) by Barbara Hemphill

Step-by-Step Instructions for Decluttering & Setting Up Your Command Center (including our proprietary Productive Environment Finding SYSTEM™!)

4 Week Bootcamp Schedule

Week 1


Tue Sep 5 | 11a Pacific/1p Central/2p Eastern

Bonus Session
Fri Sep 8 | 9a Pacific/11a Central/12p Eastern

In this Session, we'll set the stage for our work together! You'll choose a space to designate as your Command Center--aka your Home Office for the Business of Life™.

You’ll learn the 6 Key Office Tools that every productive office must have. We’ll share exactly what we use and recommend to clients all over the world. You most likely have some of the 6 Tools already. We’ll simply fill in what’s missing so you know what you'll need to set up your System for success.

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Week 2

Tue Sep 12 | 11a Pacific/1p Central/2p Eastern

Bonus Session

Fri Sep 15 | 9a Pacific/11a Central/12p Eastern

Next, it’s time for what we call The First Sort™ aka FLOW. You will learn the 3 initial decisions you must make about any piece of paper that is currently in your office, and any that come into your office in the future. Barbara Hemphill says “Clutter is Postponed Decisions®.” You will learn and implement a decision-making process that will help you quickly take control of all the information in your office. (This works for email & digital information too!)

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Week 3

Tue Sep 19 | 11a Pacific/1p Central/2p Eastern

Bonus Session

Fri Sep 22 | 2p Pacific/4p Central/5p Eastern

You'll learn about 3 Types of Actions. Then, we’ll help you create an Action System that allows you to ACT on your To Do List without wasting time looking for important information.

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Week 4


Tue Sep 26 | 11a Pacific/1p Central/2p Eastern

Final Coaching + Graduation

Fri Sep 29 | 2p Pacific/4p Central/5p Eastern

This is the best part! You will learn a proprietary system for filing paper and information so that you can FIND it again. You'll learn our proprietary Productive Environment Finding System™. What good is a filing system if you can’t FIND what you need when you need it. This system is not taught by mainstream Professional Organizers. It’s unique, and it works!

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