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Office transformation AKA THE OFFICE MIRACLE





Barbara led a productive environment party day at my work and it was great. My staff loved it and I personally feel freer and more satisfied with my work environment.
Karen Gilson Wickwire

What was your life like before the “Office Miracle?”

Total chaos, my desk didn’t have room for my keyboard. It took me hours if calculated per day to find a single paper that I just put up there 2 days ago. I had to constantly see the same paper every day.

What circumstances made you decide to invest your resources with PEI?

Needed to get organized and be the example of a great leader. How can you ask your staff to keep their area straight if you can’t do it yourself. Practice what you preach is what my dad and mom taught me. First time I have ever spent money like that, but it has been worth it.

What results did you get?

Saving hours (literally) per day. Peace of mind. Stress from that alone was bad, now that has been removed. Now I can find any paper document in my office within 10 seconds. For me, that is a major accomplishment. It is a valuable 8 hours to invest in Barbara and her team. It was a very emotional day, so just be prepared. I never thought that would be something so emotional. Throwing away papers 10 years ago that is on your current desk was crazy. It was a miracle!

How is your life different now?

Organized! I’m exercising 3 days/wk, having lunch with my wife every day and not working on Saturdays!

How will the experience contribute to the success of Christian Computers?

Time savings to do other more productive tasks — e.g., having “staff huddles” with my team every morning, looking at key performance indicators, spending time with existing clients identifying other services we can provide, and meeting with prospective clients. The bottom line results are outstanding.

William Lanier

Christian Computers

Although my office was clean, my files were a disaster! My file drawers held folders from 4 years ago from my old company. I couldn’t find the time to cull through them and create room for my new company’s files. So everything was just stacking up and it felt very overwhelming. I couldn’t find anything I needed and nothing was organized.

After learning about the process Barbara uses, and being convinced that it would be freeing to make my office space organized and productive, I agreed to let Barbara work her magic on me. I admit I was a little worried that it would be taxing to make the decisions you have to make when organizing spaces – what would I keep, what would I give to someone who might need it more than me, and what would I throw away, and I wasn’t wrong about that. You see we were going through a lot of my son’s toys, games and school work that had been in the playroom for years – so nostalgia was a big part of the process, but Barbara kept me on task while allowing a bit of time for a few memories, and in 4 hours we were finished clearing out the old playroom and organizing my new office. I really did feel light as a feather.

A valuable service for anyone who works in an office, whether a corner suite or a corner of the kitchen. Clear, practical and in touch with today’s work environment.
Thomas C. Nelson

PhD Chief Operating Officer, AARP The Office Miracle

Barbara Hemphill has been a great friend to Special Olympics North Carolina. She was generous enough to do a seminar for our full staff on Taming the Paper Tiger. Following her advice, we eliminated enough paper to fill an entire office in our building. We have improved our efficiency with Barbara’s help, which allows us to be more productive in carrying out our mission of providing sports training and competition for people with mental retardation.
Keith L. Fishburne

President, Special Olympics North Carolina, Inc. Taming the Paper Tiger Seminar

I simply couldn’t go on as I had been. I knew that if I was hit by a bus one day, my employees would never be able to sort everything out. I felt like a bad business owner because I didn’t have a handle on things.

I met Barbara Hemphill and Andrea Anderson of Productive Environment at an entrepreneur’s mastermind meeting in January. I wasn’t expecting to hire someone to help organize my office, however I had recently moved my home office from a little alcove off of my bedroom to what used to be my son’s playroom (he’s now 14 and has taken over the 3rd floor as his new place to hang out with his buddies). It was a quick move of my 2 desks, my computer and printer, several files, tons of books and a few boxes of office supplies. I also had about ten boxes of “stuff” I brought home a year ago when I left the corporate world. Those boxes contained a lot of what used to be useful “stuff”, but more so they contained a lot of emotional “stuff” that I wasn’t ready to unearth over the past year.

Now, it takes me seconds, literally, to find anything. Using a simple web and mobile app, Barbara helped me put everything in order that I can find immediately with a simple search on my laptop or phone. I feel like I AM in control, not my files!

I feel better and more productive knowing that my work and life are organized. I told Barbara that I knew I couldn’t create world peace if I didn’t have inner peace. Well, Barbara helped me to reclaim my inner peace so I can move forward with confidence and ease as I go about my day. Thanks, Barbara!
CJ Scarlet

Founder of Tiger Eye Sensor, Inc., The Office Miracle

Not only was my new office space neat and orderly, the tools she set up (Swift File and Workflowy) to keep things organized were easy to put in place, and more importantly, are easy to continue using – and they are still keeping my office space organized and productive.

Barbara’s easy-to-execute strategies and practical steps that you can literally put to work immediately brings quick and easy to understand organization to even the most chaotic of office environments.
Al Peterson

News/Talk/Sports Editor Radio and Records, Los Angeles, CA Productivity Seminar

Being “organized,” especially when it came to the avalanche of paper that flows both in and out of my office, was always an area of mega stress. I needed a filing system for all of my messages, but also for the scattered pieces of paper containing spiritual insights that haven’t been fully developed into a completed message. Those are just two of a long list of solutions this system brought to me.
Lee Davis

Church Pastor, The Office Miracle

Our organization has grown by 400% in the past year. Since paperwork is one of my greatest challenges, Barbara’s system manages the mounds of paper that have tied me down so I am free to run my business more efficiently and effectively.. I am grateful for this time-saving program and cannot even imagine how I functioned without it. It’s as though I hired another person to work in my office.
Janelle Hail

Founder/President The National Breast Cancer Foundation, The Office Miracle

The experience of working with Barbara was easy and, I couldn’t believe it, so much fun! The first thing we did was clean off the top of my desk, which, while clean, was very cluttered with knick-knacks. Barbara asked me for each whether it made me more productive or gave me joy, and if it didn’t do one of those things, we repurposed or moved it. We flew through the process of sorting through what I had in my file cabinets—either keeping, giving away or throwing out what wasn’t needed. We filled several large trash bags in the process.

Barbara returned the next day to begin working on the boxes from my corporate life, and although there were a few things that brought back old memories (of a 20 + year career), I came out on the other side of it unscathed. Barbara’s process of only keeping things that are useful, or that you love helps to remove much of the indecisiveness that typically comes with this type of organizing, and it allowed me to finally be done with those old corporate anvils.

Last week I needed to find my car and home insurance details, and after a quick and easy search in Workflowy, there they were, in File #22. I’m not sure I would ever have found them in time to meet with my insurance agent before working with Barbara.

It is indeed well worth 8 hours of your time to have Barbara perform her magic on you too!
Michelle Doss

The Office Miracle