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Okay, allow me to begin with a story because if you relate with what I am about to share, then it makes sense to read the entire page (literally every word).

Allow me to introduce you to Mary, an executive at XYZ Consulting.

Mary is like any other executive that you know…

She is married, has three beautiful children, is part of the working middle class, takes two vacations each year, has a golden retriever, and enjoys playing tennis with her friends on the weekends.

As you can see, Mary lives a very comfortable life, but there is a challenge that we have not shared yet that Mary faces for at least 40 hours each week.

This predicament happens to affect Mary’s working life and it is causing her stress and anxiety.

On Sunday nights Mary actually begins to feel ill as she mentally prepares for work.

But guess what, Mary LOVES her job and she LOVES the people she is working with.

So what is causing this visceral response in Mary as she anticipates the work week? Her messy desk!

Did you realize that 80% of what a company keeps —physical and digital—they never use!!!

And guess what?

It is driving Mary and EVERYONE else at Mary’s company absolutely crazy.

On a daily basis they waste time trying to locate documents.

They fear the filing cabinet because who knows where the folder they desire is actually located.

They struggle concentrating because their environment is absolutely chaotic.

Their energy is ZAPPED because of the emotional weight of “THE ACCUMULATION OF STUFF.”

And the bottom line (profitability) of the company is being impacted because of the lack of productivity.


At this point I would like you to do me a favor if you are still reading, but the only way this favor will become mutually beneficial is if you are REALLY honest. Promise yourself that you will be!

Okay, so I have listed 7 of the most important questions that you will ever answer if you truly want to have a Productive Environment and if you answer YES to any of the questions, then please click on the icon below and complete the form.

Do we have a deal?

Here are the 7 Most Important Questions when it comes to determining if a Productive Environment is what your company NEEDS:

  1. Do you believe that at least 15 minutes each day is spent searching for something?
  2. When you first enter your office do you feel your chest tightening?
  3. Do you feel ill prepared for more than 10% of your important meetings?
  4. When walking around the office do people look tired?
  5. At 5pm (or whenever your day is completed) do people RUSH out of the office?
  6. Are you relieved when you sit down in your car (or public transportation) because you are done for the day?
  7. Does Sunday night make you feel sick?

Remember, if you answered “YES” to any of the above then you need to click on the icon below and complete our Productive Environment Scorecard for Organizations.

Did you realize that 80% of what a company keeps —physical and digital—they never use!!!

I know I shared that statistic earlier, but I feel obligated to communicate it once again.

Businesses (and the people at these organizations) are literally drowning in their “mess.”

People are struggling with getting anything done and as a result they are being diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, and maybe this is the case, but I am telling you that their environment is partially at fault.

A Productive Environment™ is an intentional setting where everyone can accomplish their work and enjoy their lives.

A Productive Environment Day™ is a structured program which provides education, encouragement and assistance to team members as they make decisions about what to keep and what can safely be discarded, ultimately increasing productivity, profit and peace of mind!

This is where a Certified Product Environment Specialist™ will visit your place of business for the entire day and empower your team to work together in order to get rid of physical and digital clutter which is ZAPPING their energy.

A Productive Environment Day™ becomes an experience that is absolutely profound. Take a look at the video below of Joe Polish of Piranha Marketing who hired us to help create a Productive Environment™ in his company.


What information do we need to keep?

  • In what form?
  • For how long?
  • Who is responsible for filing it?
  • Who needs access to it?
  • How can we find it?
  • How should we back it up in case of disaster?

The purpose of the Productive Environment Day™ is to give participants the opportunity to:

>Learn specific techniques for knowing what physical & digital clutter they can safely eliminate;
>Discover the components of a SYSTEM for finding what they keep;
>Enjoy the peace of mind and increased ability to focus that comes from creating a Productive Environment™.


While every project is different, a typical Productive Environment Day™ may look like this:

Part I- Continental Breakfast & 60 Minute Seminar entitled, “Sometimes it Takes an Expert to Take Out the Trash,“ with an emphasis on physical clutter.

PART II- Participants return to their offices to implement what they learned in the Seminar and begin the process of sorting & eliminating physical clutter. (Approximately 2 hours)

PART III- Lunch & 30 Minute Seminar entitled, “Managing Information: What to Toss and How to Find the Rest,“ with an emphasis on digital clutter.

PART IV- Participants return to their desks to implement what they learned in the Seminar and begin the process of reviewing & eliminating electronic clutter. (Approximately 2 hours)

Part V-While eliminating potentially massive amounts of clutter and outdated information, participants will enjoy the process by winning prizes; keeping morale up and the process moving.

Informal evaluations through staff feedback will be done throughout the day, as well as a formalized evaluation at the end of the day. Results will be reported to management, along with recommendations for next steps.


Our belief in and commitment to this proven process positions us to offer you the following guarantee:

If we do not meet or exceed your expectations which will be determined during our planning consultation, we will work together to resolve the issue or fully refund your investment.


Check out what we did for a large public library system: