Office Transformation Quickstart™: Quarantine Edition

“We created Office Transformation QuickStart™ to give professionals an easy-to-follow system to streamline their offices and focus on the work they truly love.”


Clutter is postponed decisions®.

Clutter is caused by an inability to answer the question “what do I do with this?”

Office Transformation QuickStart™ helps you answer that question, every single time. Whether it’s a legal document, a bill, or a business card from a new lead, you’ll know exactly what to do with every single item that comes into your office — in a way that sets you up for maximum profitability.

You’ll also have a fool-proof system for finding what you need, when you need it. So you’ll never waste time searching for items again.

In short: you’ll do what most professional services providers don’t.

You’ll be in control of your business, instead of letting your business control you.

And the beauty of the system is it continues to work for you, month after month, year after year, and grows right along with your business.

“Our organization has grown by 400% in the past year. Since paperwork is one of my greatest challenges, this system manages the mounds of paper that have tied me down so I am free to run my business more efficiently and effectively. I am grateful for this time-saving program and cannot even imagine how I functioned without it. It’s as though I hired another person to work in my office.”

– Janelle Hail, Founder/President The National Breast Cancer Foundation

Our clients say their favorite thing about Office Transformation QuickStart™ is how easy it is to put into practice. We don’t want to overwhelm you with theories or practices that won’t work for busy professional service providers — we only share the golden nuggets that will give you more money, more time, and deeper relationships.

We know that knowledge without action is worthless. (Literally worthless, as in, it won’t earn you a dime.) So our mission isn’t just sharing information with you, but giving you the systems to put them into practice.

Here’s What You Get with your Office Transformation QuickStart™:

Access to Your Course in the Productive Environment Network™. Your Course & Community features are here in one place, streamlining the process and helping you achieve your Office Transformation™ in record time. You’ll find video training modules, resource lists, downloads and action steps–everything you need to implement your Office Transformation QuickStart™!

We will personally teach, train and lead you through the steps to achieve your Office Transformation™. You’ll access recordings of our full Total Office Transformation™ program, as well as bite sized, deep dive video tutorials to support specific parts of your Office Transformation™. 

Group Coaching! Each month you will have an opportunity to join the PEI Team and other “Office Transformers” for a Zoom Meeting to connect and get your questions answered. This is a great way to keep your motivation high and your momentum up as you work through your organizing project.

Get expert guidance from our team of Certified Productive Environment Specialists™. Access Group Support in the Office Transformation Quickstart™ Private Community; AND…at any time during your course, you can request to schedule one telephone or Zoom consultation with a CPES™ that can help you get the most out of your course and support you in your Office Transformation™! If you decide that you need more support, guidance and accountability (recommended), you may choose to hire a CPES™ to work with you directly.


Wonderful Systems!! I know the value of systems in business and when I heard about the Office Transformation program, I had to sign up. My fiancé and I have several businesses (two shared and others separate), and we were losing control of all the papers and “stuff” we personally handle. We have systems for our specific business processes and for our employees, but not for this side. Though it was a bit embarrassing to share our “piles” of stuff that we were trying to go through (optional) – Barbara and Andrea were actually excited to see it and help us through it all. We have found that these systems work with both physical and electronic filing processes. Thanks so much Andrea and Barbara!” 
-Carol Smith, CPA, Business Owner

“Easy-to-execute strategies and practical steps that you can literally put to work immediately, bringing quick and easy to understand organization to even the most chaotic of office environments.”
-Al Peterson , News/Talk/Sports Editor Radio and Records, Los Angeles, CA

“I simply couldn’t go on as I had been. I knew that if I was hit by a bus one day, my employees would never be able to sort everything out. I felt like a bad business owner because I didn’t have a handle on things. So I implemented this system.

I flew through the process of sorting through what I had in my file cabinets—either keeping, giving away or throwing out what wasn’t needed. I filled several large trash bags in the process.

Now, it takes me seconds, literally, to find anything. Using a simple web and mobile app, this system helped me put everything in order that I can find immediately with a simple search on my laptop or phone. I feel like I AM in control, not my files!”

- CJ Scarlet, Tiger Eye Sensor, Inc.

“Being “organized,” especially when it came to the avalanche of paper that flows both in and out of my office, was always an area of mega stress. I needed a filing system for all of my messages, but also for the scattered pieces of paper containing spiritual insights that haven’t been fully developed into a completed message. Those are just two of a long list of solutions this system brought to me.”
-Lee Davis, Church Pastor

SPECIAL: The Quarantine Quickstart™

Our Office Transformation Quickstart™ program offers Lifetime Access for $1997, however due to the current circumstances, we are now offering the full program for 3 months for just $297, including 3 LIVE VIRTUAL Group Coaching events with Barbara Hemphill and our team of experts!

*Note: While this does include Group Coaching, it does not include 1:1 Coaching found exclusively in our Office Transformation VIP™ Program.

Take this unexpected downtime to declutter & get organized. We have everything you need to clear the clutter in your home office (or clear the clutter so you can CREATE a home office!) and put systems in place to stay productive.

Let’s come together during this time and accomplish something that will serve you long after this crisis is over!

The Quarantine Quickstart™

Get 3 Months Access to The Office Transformation Quickstart™ Course & Community for just
1 payment of $297.

 If you would like Lifetime Access, PLUS 1:1 Coaching, be sure to REGISTER for our Webinar Tame Your Paper Tiger in the Digital Age to learn about our Office Transformation VIP™ Program!