• Could your office use a productivity tune-up?

  • Are there piles of paper on your desk that are growing every day?

  • Do you have unopened mail, bills to be paid, email, and voicemails waiting for your reply?

Do you want to stop spinning your wheels and get back to growing your business?

If you answered YES to any of the above, you're invited to join us for our upcoming Tame Your Paper Tiger Online Workshop!

Discover 4 Steps to a 4-Day Workweek So You Can Accomplish Your Work & Enjoy Your Life without Losing Money, Missing Important Deadlines , or Sacrificing the Quality of Your Work

Discover 4 Steps to a 4-Day Workweek So You Can Accomplish Your Work & Enjoy Your Life without Losing Money, Missing Important Deadlines , or Sacrificing the Quality of Your Work

Do you want to:

  • Clear your paper clutter

  • Enjoy uninterrupted productivity in your office

  • Increase work efficiency and stop wasting time

If your answer is a resounding YES, join us for our Tame Your Paper Tiger Online Workshop where we'll show you how to get organized and create a productive and efficient environment.

You'll have the opportunity to work through sorting, tossing, and filing away at least ONE of your paper predicaments and leave with a game plan for what to do with the rest!

The battle against paper is over, and

you're the winner!

Join us to eliminate your paper problems and have more time

for the important things in life.

Are you Overwhelmed by Paper Clutter?

We know that for many people, the physical act of filing and sorting through papers can be overwhelming. But we also know that you have a lot to gain from taking control of those endless paper piles! You will feel that you are back in charge of your workday by getting rid of pesky paper stacks. You'll also free up space on your desk so you can focus on what matters most to you!

If this sounds like it will turn your life around, then join us at our upcoming Tame Your Paper Tiger Online Workshop where we will show you how to clear away at least one pile of paper that's been sitting on your desk (or table, or countertop) causing you stress and anxiety! Best of all, we will do it WITH you! And we’ll leave you with a game plan for how to tackle the rest. It's time for YOU TO TAKE CONTROL.

Work with REAL professionals - be guided through your own transformation from organizing your papers to taking control of your time

Join the ranks of those who've transformed their lives.

Join us and work with REAL professionals to make this happen for you!



During the Tame Your Paper Tiger Online Workshop You Will:

Discover the only 3 decisions you ever need to make about any information that comes into your office;

Learn the 6 core components every office must have in order to be organized, productive and profitable;

Find out the 6 questions to ask yourself when trying to decide what to keep and what can safely be tossed. (NOT knowing the difference can actually cost you time and money!)

AND, we will take ACTION together!

We'll help you clear your desk of at least one pile of paper during our time together, and you'll have a gameplan for tackling the rest!



You will be invited to a private group inside the Productive Environment Network™ specifically for this program!

Connect with other program members and Certified Productive Environment Specialists™ prior to the online workshop!

The Group will include optional tasks you can be doing in preparation for the online workshop.



You will receive a beautifully designed, downloadable Workbook that will help keep you on track as you declutter and organize your space.

You'll document organizing principles and systems that you can refer back to for many years to come!



You'll join us for our Tame Your Paper Tiger Online Workshop.

This will be a HANDS ON workshop! We'll help you prepare for the event along the way--then you'll show up on game day ready to begin Taming Your Paper Tiger! We'll guide you every step of the way!

*While it's best to attend live, you will be able to follow along with the REPLAY in the Private Group if you're not available during the online workshop.


You will have an opportunity to schedule a 1:1 Office Transformation Game Plan™ Session with a Certified Productive Environment Specialist™.

While the Live Event is a group format, this session is all about YOU! You'll leave with Clear Action Steps, specific to YOUR unique situation.

Get out of your paper rut with our action-packed event

It’s time to stop feeling overwhelmed and confused

about your next step. Join us as we take action together!

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