Discover the Professional's Path from Overwhelmed to Optimized.

Increase Productivity in 90 Days or Less So You Can Accomplish Your Work & Enjoy Your Life Without Disorganization & Overwhelm.

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Go from Overwhelmed to Optimized

A lot has changed over the years in how we manage our time, store our files, communicate with others, and run our businesses. However, as productivity experts, our passion for helping you grow and operate your business without disorganization and overwhelm remains just as strong today. At Productive Environment Institute, we give you the organizational tools and show you the path to be consistent, confident, and in control of your business so you can accomplish your work and enjoy your life.

Become a Productivity Expert

Do you have great organizational and time management skills? Have you considered becoming a productivity expert? Come learn with us! We train and certify productivity consultants to deliver Barbara Hemphill’s Productive Environment Solution™ to individuals, small business owners, and corporate clients around the world.

Home - ProductiveEnvironment USA

Are you ready to eliminate disorganization & overwhelm?

Our Premier 9-Step System was created to help you increase productivity and go from

overwhelmed to optimized in 90 days or less.


Create a workspace that helps you and your business thrive! We empower you to design a productive environment where you can accomplish your work and enjoy your life.


We believe Clutter is postponed decisions®. Let us show you the difference between a finding system vs. a filing system. From paper to digital, organize what you need and let go of what you don't.


From time management to customer management, creating routines is essential. We show you how to implement, execute and stay consistent with your new practices within your business and your life.

No matter how busy or chaotic your days are,

getting organized will change your life and your business.

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